Developing a Disinformation Response Competency Test

We’re developing a customisable test instrument to measure students’ tendency to spread fake news. The instrument is customisable to particular lesson topics. It is pilot tested on SUSS undergraduates and ‘O’- and ‘A’-Level school students. It will be used to measure the efficacy of the Ministry of Education’s geography curriculum in schools.

I’m excited about the prospect of finding an automatable, customisable and quickly scalable measure of tendency to spread fake news.

by A/P Adrian Kwek

CUC Faculties’ Involvement

Principal Investigator
A/P Adrian Kwek
Centre for University Core, Singapore University of Social Sciences

CO-Principal Investigator

A/P Luke Peh
School of Science and Technology, Singapore University of Social Sciences


Josef Tan
Senior Specialist, Geography Unit, Humanities Branch Ministry of Education, Singapore

Funding institution & duration

National Institute of Education Singapore (NIE-ERFP) | 2 years

Contact information

For those who want to know more about the project, please contact: