Lifelong Education for Aging Productively (LEAP) in Singapore

This project aims to illustrate the potential of a developmental strategy for the greying Singapore that concentrates on the promotion of productive aging through encouraging lifelong learning, social participation, and economic activeness among older adults.

Productive aging is a theoretically-innovative and policy-implicative notion for Singapore. Different from the traditional paradigms of aging research, such as healthy, active and successful aging, productive aging represents a nascent direction, which emphasises engagement in productive activities in later years. These activities include paid working, care giving, and volunteering etc., among which learning and skill development are essential components. By highlighting the contributing roles of older adults to family, community, and society, productive aging goes beyond the ego-centred perspectives of the other aging models with a clear emphasis on the mutual-beneficial relationship among the aged and the society.

Productive engagement in later life is my key research interest in finding the social, cultural and institutional factors of social inclusion in aging Asia. I joined the blueprint during the LEAP proposal development, and I am excited to be a collaborator for the LEAP project.

by Dr. Ko Pei-Chun

CUC Faculties’ Involvement


Dr. Ko Pei-Chun
Lecturer, Centre for University Core, SUSS

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